What do we offer

We do strive to extend the portfolio of our services above the regular primary care standard.


Knowing how to communicate with the child patient and his/her parents should be a granted issue. However we hear every day that it is rather the opposite. It is quite simple though in our office. We simply like to talk to you and we realize the importance of words.

Primary prevention

By law every citizen has right to primary prevention check-ups. In some, besides physical examination, we take blood (cholesterol in 11th and 17th year of age) and urine, in others we vaccinate.


We work hard in order our patient has all the mandatory vaccination as instructed by law. We are definitely PROVAX. And we do strongly advocate for recommended vaccination (hepatitis A, meningococcus, flu).


Is a cornerstone of pediatric and young adult health care. We do aim for sound examination. Explaining the procedure, its indication and risks is a must. We limit unnecessary examinations.

CRP test

Thanks to the quick CRP test right in the office, we can tell within 2 minutes if the treatment with antibiotics is necessary or not.

Quick Strep Test

The test from the throat swab that helps us to know if the reason of your child's sore throat is pygenous streptococcus.

Homeopathy and Complementary Medicine

I believe in the power of human mind, nature and positive set-up. The treatment of first choice is always prevention, then comes the nature and "chemistry" follows or is complementary.

Inserting earrings

We insert earrings in our office upon appointment with US company provided insertion gun and nickel-free gold plated earrings as well.


Psychosomatics is a field of medicine that aims to discover the troubles of one's psyche disguised somatic illnesses. I just finished the first year of the 3 years course on psychosomatics under the supervision of prof. Hašto.

Officinal formula

When indicated we prescribe officinal formulas (medicinal product prepared in a pharmacy in accordance with medical prescription) tailoring the therapy to each patients where applied.


We provide otoscopy examination (ear canal and ear drum examination) in case of ear pain or discharge, we reduce therefore your need to consult ENT specialist.

Crisis counseling

From crisis personal growth can arise. On top of the pediatric practice we offer crisis counseling in extreme life situations - how to help to children to integrate them.