Branislav Chrenka, MD, MHA
Pediatrician in Bratislava


There is a newly opened primary care center in the quiet area of Pavlovicova street in the neighborhood of Trnavka (well accessible by public transport - 7 min walk from Hanacka bus stop - lines 204 and 205; and 8 min walk from Ivanska cesta bus stop of the line 39). Among the advantages are no stress and no paid abundance of parking spots, pharmacy within the premises and other specialists' offices such as psychiatrist, psychologist, gynecologist, adult primary care physician and endocrinologist). Should you look for a primary care pediatrician in Bratislava, you are on the right spot.


Dear parents and patients, we are open in between holidays, though the nurse is on annual leave, so be patient with me being there alone please :-) Thank you

I know, you perhaps may think "the summer is just in full swing, why are they talking now about the winter..." :-)
See below the anti-viral homeopathic manual for the prevention of winter related viral infections of respiratory tract for all those who are at ease with homeopathy and believe in it.
For those who think otherwise I...